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A New GOP Member Appreciated

Our U.S. Congressional roll call had received a fine young doctor,

that represents New Jerseys 2nd congressional district. He has been

a House rep, since January 2019. However, an error of judgement on

his part, has finally been corrected. No offense to Dr. Van Drew; it's

as they sometimes say "better late than never". Kudos to you sir, for

performing such an honorable deed. The Republican party welcomes

you, with open arms. You can now vote in the proper forum, as to set

the tone for proper governing. We didn't even need to swap any players.

It's like the NY Yankees acquiring an ace pitcher, and not having to

diminish an already powerful lineup.

As you come up for re-election in November 2020, the powerful Trenton

forces under General Murphy, will try to derail us at every turn. As the

General so eloquently stated, "This party crossover decision of yours will

not be forgotten, and isn't inconsequential". In so many terms, as I had

read the quote. Are you frightened of this, Doctor Van Drew? I highly doubt

such an honorable Republican soldier, would fear the leader of an army

with inferior forces. Let us ride forward with the fervent bravery and fortitude,

that the Republican side possesses. There are no reservations here, as to

the fine job you will be doing. The legislature is now much more endowed,

since you have joined the fine Republican ranks.

You will win the Republication nomination, over Bob Patterson. That is

a given, so please rest easy. The Democratic party will most likely nominate

the teacher, that we wouldn't know existed, if she had a different surname.

She is only associated with the name, by marriage. Again, rest easy! She has

derided you and our wonderful Commander in Chief as a sickness and devoid

of any morality. She further stated, that Southern New Jersey hasn't done much,

to address the mental health and opioid crisis. These issues are completely

bipartisan, Ms. Amy Kennedy. Like I would myself, give salt to the Daughter

in Law of Chappaquiddic Teddy. There I go reverting to the issue of moral compass,

that Amy mentioned. Sorry Dr. Van Drew., I'm so giddy that you're running for

re-election. I didn't mean to sound so derisive, A La Nancy rip em up!

After your glorious victory this coming November, I need to render a requisition

to you. Please serve your next term, albeit but for one year. In November of 2021,

your services will be needed on a more statewide scale. We need you to move to Trenton,

until President Trump finishes his second term. Thereafter, the Oval Office will be

yours to redecorate, in January 2025. Okay, Governor?? The path has been chosen sir,

and I'd be very heartbroken, if it didn't come to fruition. I was honored to know, that

you crossed the aisle, to the more favorable achievers. Sometimes we drive, and miss the

turn. Let your new GPS system continue the road trip, to the proper destination. You have

started the journey, and the last stop should be 1700 Penssylvania Ave.

Congratulations., from your Republican corner man!! God Bless, Dr. Van Drew!!!!!

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