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Kyle Joseph Holland, April 8, 2005 ~ July 12, 2010, age 5, died after supposedly being attacked by a wolf-hybrid dog inside the home his mother shared with her live-in boyfriend. The autopsy showed Kyle suffered many crush wounds to his head, face, and body.
There are many questionable circumstances surrounding Kyle's death.

Kyle Holland lived in Lincoln Park, Michigan with his mother and her boyfriend. His father died mysteriously in an "auto accident" that at first was ruled a homicide, then later changed to an accident. Kyle was only 4 months old when his father died. His father is Justin Holland and he died on July 8, 2005.
Shortly before his death, Justin had told his mother, (who lives in Tennessee) he was returning to Tennessee and bringing Kyle with him.

Kyle's family is so devastated by these events, and have so many unanswered questions. His loving family in Tennessee was very much a part of his life and went to extreme measures to be a part of Kyle's life, even though they were separated by hundreds of miles.
 Kyle was the last link to his deceased father, and now that has been needlessly and senselessly taken away. WE WANT JUSTICE!!!



Mother claims she put Kyle to bed at about 10:30 p.m. July 12, 2010.
   She did not check on him for 11 hours until she found him dead at 9:30 a.m.
   Monday morning.
2. Kyle was very small for his age and wore braces on his legs. Who would  put a handicapped little boy to bed in an upstairs bedroom?
3. The house was small, how could you not hear your child's anguished cries?
 4. The dog that supposedly killed Kyle is illegal to have in Michigan. 

 5.There was no blood on the dogs that could be seen in the newspaper photos, which shows one officer calmly walking both dogs out.
 6.Neighbors stated that the dogs had escaped their yards before and attacked other dogs in the neighborhood, and that the dogs were ill cared for.

There are many other things that don't add up in the story. Kyle was loved beyond measure by his Tennessee family and they are seeking Justice!!!
Is there anyone out there with the necessary clout and the tenaciousness to help this family? Little Kyle has a story to tell; we will not stop in pursuit of justice until the ones entrusted to care for him are brought to justice.

 This is a criminal case, not an horrible accident. A mother owes a child a certain amount of "high degree" care; i.e., when he is put to bed, a child has the right that he is safe in his own home, and won't be eaten alive by dogs!
Please, if you are a professional person of integrity and compassion, and are willing to help us get this story some publicity, in the hopes of the authorities in Michigan pressing charges, email

Thank you, and your interest and possible help is very much appreciated! 

Below is a link to all the news stories to date concerning Kyle Holland.

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          Kyle and his first fish~ summer 2010                                                                                     Kyle and Papa


                       Kyle blowing bubbles!                                                                                           Proud of his presents!


                      Fall in Tennessee~ 2005~ Kyle and pumpkins                                                   Nana and special grandson Kyle


Kyle getting therapy at East Tennessee Childrens Hosp.



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